Conserving Currituck Sound for Future Generations

The Currituck Sound of today is far different from a century ago, making preservation efforts even more necessary.

As part of the conservation efforts underway at the Donal C. O’Brien, Jr. Sanctuary, Audubon has outlined key goals to monitor and measure our success preserving the Currituck Sound and its inhabitants.

The Currituck Sound has seen extreme changes over past centuries, making preservation efforts even more necessary. Natural connections are closed between the sound and the ocean, through inlets, which has resulted in changes in both salinity and water quality. Vast marshes and submerged grasses supporting fisheries and other wildlife have eroded away.

Audubon’s vision for the Sanctuary is to create a greater, healthier Currituck Sound ecosystem with diverse habitats, sufficient for the long-term health and sustainability of bird and wildlife populations. The conservation work at the sanctuary is driven by this set of goals to make the Sanctuary and the Currituck Sound a hub for wildlife and preservation efforts in North Carolina and along the Atlantic Flyway

Currituck Sound is an important link in this great bird highway of the eastern seaboard.

Goal 1: Protect, restore and adaptively manage Currituck Sound marshes and managed wetlands in the greater Currituck Sound region to provide high-quality habitats for diverse populations of birds and other wildlife.
Goal 2: Maintain high-quality water that supports healthy submerged aquatic vegetation, which in turn supports fisheries, birds, wildlife and people in the greater Currituck Sound region.
Goal 3:  Engage a coalition of diverse stakeholders that work toward sustaining a healthy Currituck Sound ecosystem.
Goal 4: Protect Important Bird Areas in northeastern North Carolina.
Goal 5: Develop a plan to sustain habitats for birds and wildlife in the greater Currituck Sound region given the projected sea level rise.

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