The Nature Trail

Meander through a maritime forest next to Currituck Sound

Photo: Robbie Fearn

The 2.5 mile (one way) Nature Trail is the primary use site for the public at Pine Island Sanctuary. It follows the path of the old dirt road between Duck and Corolla. Along the way you will see Evergreen Maritmine Forests of Loblolly Pine and twisted Live Oaks, stunted Oak forests and the rare Red Bay Shrub Swamp. 

Two Overlooks, one near the south end and the other 1 mile down from the north end provide sweeping views of the Globally Important Bird Area - The Pine Island and Currituck Marshes and Currituck Sound. 

In summer, osprey, egrets and terns dominate the marsh, in winter the famed Currituck Waterfowl fill the marshes.


Latin:  Pandion haliaetus

Illustration for Osprey

Great Blue Heron

Latin:  Ardea herodias

Illustration for Great Blue Heron

Common Tern

Latin:  Sterna hirundo

Illustration for Common Tern

Tundra Swan

Latin:  Cygnus columbianus

Illustration for Tundra Swan


Latin:  Mareca strepera

Illustration for Gadwall

Lesser Scaup

Latin:  Aythya affinis

Illustration for Lesser Scaup

Red-winged Blackbird

Latin:  Agelaius phoeniceus

Illustration for Red-winged Blackbird

Great Egret

Latin:  Ardea alba

Illustration for Great Egret