maritime shrub
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Maritime Shrub

Photo: Robbie Fearn

Maritime Shrub (Stunted Tree Subtype):   Only limited areas of Maritime Shrub were seen, in narrow fringes along the seaward side of the forest, and occasional more extensive mosaics combined with Stable Dune Barren.  It represents a smooth gradation in canopy stature from forest to shrubland.  Quercus virginiana strongly dominates, and few other species were even  noted. 

Some earlier descriptions of Pine Island Audubon Sanctuary suggest Maritime Shrub was extensive.  If the Maritime Evergreen Forest is young, especially if it grew up as a result of artificial dune building, extensive Maritime Shrub may have succeeded to forest.  Conversely, where artificial openings have been made in the Maritime Evergreen Forest, such as along the air strip, salt-pruning is reducing the stature of the existing canopy to Maritime Shrub stature.  

From the Site Survey report conducted by:

Michael P. Schafale, Ecologist

Natural Heritage Program

Division of Land and Water Stewardship

North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources

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